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A bushfire that broke out as Santa Ana winds swept through the mountains has forced hundreds of evacuations and threatened surrounding homes in the Riverside County Community of Mountain CenterA. Thousands of Oakland firefighters were on the scene Friday morning to put out a wildfire that broke out in a remote area of the San Bernardino Mountains, prompting evacuees to flee and threatening a home. Wind drives Bonita Fire Forces as crews make progress on the Heritage Fire, Friday, July 22, 2017, in Riverside, Calif. The fire, known as the Bonitas Fire, broke out around 2.30pm on Friday near the town of Bonitas, about 20 miles east of Riverside. A brush fire broke out Friday afternoon in an uninhabited part of the San Gabriel Valley, threatening homes and triggering an evacuation, authorities said.

Although the tornadoes were unwelcome, county officials said the rain had been a major contributor to a series of storms in drought-stricken Orange County. Pastor said Costa Mesa has received 10.31 inches of rainfall so far this year, compared with 3.81 inches last year.

Daily highs range from 32.8 degrees (91 degrees Celsius) to 7.4 degrees (23 degrees Celsius) on the Costa Mesa, and 23 degrees feel very good given the humidity and wind. The temperature will also feel "very comfortable" with humidity and humidity, the National Weather Service said.

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The city of Buena Park has a population of about 6,000 people and an area of about 1.5 million square meters. The city borders Fullerton to the east, San Bernardino County to the west, and the San Gabriel Valley to the east.

The Buena Park School District covers almost the entire northern half of the city, which flows into the Anaheim Union High School District, while the rest flows into the Centralia, Cypress, Magnolia and Savanna districts, which in turn flows into the Anaheim Union High School District. The Buen Park School District includes seven schools: Fullerton, La Palma, Anaheim is also home to two schools in the district, the High School of Anaheim and the Orange County Community College District. Students in the city are also served by the University of Southern California, Los Angeles County Public Schools, California State University, San Bernardino County, Santa Ana, Riverside County and Riverside City College. See more from the Cypresses Lawn Heritage Foundation on Facebook or photos of Cypresses Lawn and other historic sites in California on our Flickr page.

Provide local, tailor-made weather forecasts for those who need to plan their daily activities, events and activities. The weather forecast for the lawn and garden is limited to the city of Buena Park, Calif., and the Cypresses Lawn Heritage Foundation.

The area is dense and cloudy, with a high of 9.5 degrees and a low of 4.2 degrees. The area was covered with rain, snow, fog, light rain and fog for much of the Cypresses Lawn Heritage Foundation lawn and garden in Buena Park, California. A filled - in the cloud and cloud area, covering the area from south to north and from east to west to east and from north to south and west and from southeast to northwest to north. A filled and covered room with clouds, clouds, wind and sun in the east, sun and wind in front of the sun. A full field of clouds and clouds and sunshine in back to back.

For the purposes of this report, the geographical coordinates of Buena Park will be the geographical coordinates for the lawn and garden of the Cypresses Lawn Heritage Foundation. For comparison, there is a map of the area from north to south, east to west, west to east and south-east to north-west, south to south-east, north to west.

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More About Buena Park