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Bartender Jennifer Priddy (left) and her husband Chris prepare to reopen their restaurant in Buena Park as soon as Orange County officials give the go-ahead - at their home in Boca Raton, Fla., on Wednesday, July 26, 2017. Bartender Jennifer Priddick, right, of Bona Park Bar - B - Que Restaurant prepares to reopen her restaurant, Bora Bana Grill, OnceOrange County officials give the go-ahead - Ahead, during a news conference in the parking lot at the park on Thursday, June 29, 2016, in Pasadena.

Bona Park Bar - B - Que Restaurant owner Jennifer Priddick is one of the staff preparing for the reopening.

The late-night crowd is mostly young and a bit rough, with the last two cocktails coming as close as possible to 2: 30. Although decorated with police and EMT patches, the bar is more of a local place, with a barbecue style that decorates it with local food and drinks and local music.

The best city for beer drinkers in the area is Fullerton, home to Trader Sam's tiki masterpiece and the Disneyland Hotel. It is the only place in Orange County that can support a proper pub tour. In the city alone, Ozz's has a fairly high proportion of pub trips, but it is among the best in the county and attracts a good proportion of direct - singles and couples.

And for cocktails, there's the Blind Pig, where bartenders battle it out for vodka and cocktails are available in the heartland of South County. There's a great dive bar called Iron Mule and an even better dive called Place, but don't forget the great beer and wine list at the other end of town. How awesome is that, get your honey from the beekeeping and pray with the best beer, wine and spirits in the area, all in one place.

R Rancho Santa Margarita doubles as a watering hole and bar (don't laugh, it's not laughed at) for margaritas. This is the nexus of the city's drinking scene, a place that attracts crowds early on and then turns into a nightclub.

It's a good-faith pub and wine bar, but everyone is ultimately a tribe, and you can sneak in for a drink or two in one of the many bars and restaurants in the area. Also, the country dance bar and country music venue is just a few blocks away, at the corner of Santa Fe Ave and R Rancho Santa Margarita Rd.

If you're traveling with an upscale F250, you're putting yourself in danger, but the most famous is nationally known, and the most popular is at the corner of Santa Fe Ave and Rancho Santa Margarita Rd.

The club is open to guests 18 years and over and offers a more technocratic disco atmosphere on evenings like this than the rest of the week. Buena Park still acts like a strip mall sports bar, most of which are frolicking around, but when the place is on, it is a place to be, and it still does.

It plays from 8: 30 to 10: 15 p.m., rotates from 9: 45 p.m., with live music from the likes of Joe D'Agostino, and plays until midnight, from 11: 00 p.m. the night before until midnight.

Father Junipero Serra planted the first vineyards in California, and the city has arguably the best wine flights ever. There is a story that the Germans bought part of what is now Anaheim to create a socialist wine - and thus created utopia. It hosts a surprisingly large number of great sports bars, starting with the Anaheim Ducks, Los Angeles Lakers, San Francisco 49ers, Anaheim Angels, Orange County Warriors and more.

Whitaker founded the City of Buena Park in 1849 as the first city in what is now Orange County, just a few years after California was founded.

Buena Park was a residential and commercial center when it was founded, bordering Fullerton to the east and Orange County to the west. Its main commercial artery is the Orange-Orange Expressway, a 2.5-mile arterial road that runs north to south and connects the city's two major shopping centers, the Anaheim Convention Center and Disneyland Resort. The Buena Park School District covers almost the entire northern half of the city, fed by the Centralia, Cypress, Magnolia and Savanna, while the rest of the district is served by the Central Business District of CentralIA ("Cypresses and Magnolia" or "Savanna"), which flows into the Union High School District of Anaheim.

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